Let’s Help Create a Wonderful World

The heart that gives, gathers. It’s true that life in cities is profoundly different than life in villages. In a big bustling city, a hundred people may pass a fallen person before one offers to help. In a village, an unconscious person on a sidewalk will likely be assisted within moments; such is the power of community.

While this might be natural evolutionary wiring at work, providing us with self-preservation techniques as we live in more and more crowded situations, let us be aware of this ancient programming. With this awareness, we can decide to override it, ignore some discomfort, and re-wire ourselves. We can choose to feel uncomfortable and do it anyways! Let us go against the majority as we offer our support and assistance to a stranger in need.

Kindness is always fashionableBack in the days of the TV show Sex and The City, I was a follower and a fan of the great writing that showcased powerful honesty and frequent humor. One scene that I will always remember was this one: Carrie, a petite woman barely over 5 feet tall in heels, is already having a bad day. As she walks alone down a crowded city sidewalk, the shoulder of someone walking the other way roughly hits her. The blow throws her off balance and she falls, dropping her bags. She tosses her head towards the person who is still striding away without a backwards glance, and she shouts out, “OH! You’re just SO BUSY!” That scene really touched me, and I felt that her angry outburst yelled down a busy New York sidewalk perfectly illustrated a flaw in our society. So many people rush about in self-absorbed lives without even raising an eye, let alone a smile or a courtesy, to a stranger… to our ‘fellow man’.

While far from perfect, I do hold elevators and doors, I speak up against racist or other bigoted comments, I run to children falling off bikes, I’m happy to assist seniors in stores, and am kind to cashiers and wait-staff. And I know you are as well. I believe every one of us cares for ‘our fellow man’ and deep inside we all want to do the right thing. I salute and cheer on that notion! Let’s not be curt, cold, or rude, but instead offer extra patience to those who work with the public day in and day out. Let us not walk past a worrisome event, but instead let our highest and truest part of self offer us courage as we speak up or take action.

Hope Faith CourageWhether it’s a child left momentarily alone at a playground suddenly being lured away to help look for a lost puppy, or it is an able-bodied person flagrantly taking a handicapped parking space, or it’s elder abuse, or racism, or mistreatment of any person… let’s all do our part to stand up to any injustices we may witness.

Even if the perpetrator isn’t a stranger but is someone close to us like a friend, co-worker, or family member being rude to someone on the other end of the speaker in a drive-through, for example, let’s all become more courageous and speak up, encouraging more kindness and unity in our great big wonderful world.
Cue Louis Armstrong!


Some history about this profound song ~ A song written by Bob Thiele (as “George Douglas”) and George David Weiss, it was recorded by Louis Armstrong and released as a single in 1968. The song made Louis Armstrong the oldest male to top the charts, at sixty-six years and ten months old. Intended as an antidote for the increasingly racially and politically charged climate of life in the United States, the song has a hopeful, optimistic tone with regard to the future, with reference to babies being born into the world and having much to look forward to. It was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1999.
Source ~ Thank you to Wikipedia for the information about this song. Please visit link for more. 

Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

20 thoughts on “Let’s Help Create a Wonderful World”

  1. You’ve done it again, Gina! I love this post and your blog, and I love this song. Please keep ’em coming, my dear friend. The world needs you and what you have to say! I’m signing off for the night and it is your post and that song that will be on my mind when I fall asleep. Well done!

    PS In case you haven’t noticed, your posts are already creating a more wonderful world.

  2. Yes! Kindness is always fashionable! And Louis Armstrong’s rendition of this wonderful song always brings tears to my eyes. I love the way you write, think and share, Gina. Cathy

    1. Thank you dear heart! Isn’t that a terrific handbag? And I especially enjoy this version of Mr. Armstrong’s song because it helps us enjoy the artist as he really was, before music videos took away the reality of many facial expressions that help enunciate clearly while singing. He certainly gave us a wonderful song! Thanks again Cathy. Hugs, Gina

  3. Beautiful post, thank you so much for writing it. It’s amazing how just one kindness – or even…”not rudeness” – from a stranger can turn a moment or a day around.

    1. That is so well put! Indeed even just refraining from a rudeness is a form of kindness. Like our mother’s said, If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. It’s not much but it’s better than being rude or cruel. Thanks Andrea!

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