Have a heart that never hardens

July 13, 2012 — 37 Comments

37 responses to Have a heart that never hardens


    This is sweet. Thank you. ~ Lily


    No truer words. A smile is universal.


    Have a heart that never hardens…Ahhh…lovely words, thank you! 🙂


    BEAUTIFUL and true. Thank you, my friend Gina for these wonderful reminders.



    Beautiful and that is what makes us a human in true sense..


    Such important ideas….I’ve had a bit of practice with these aspirations this week….thankfully, the heart is softening, so persistence worked…


    Loved all three… I needed to read this. Thank you!


    ” I have decided to be happy because it is good for my health”… WOW!


    Thankyou. Wisdom at its best. Am reblogging as well as inwardly digesting.


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    Wisdom for us all. Have a Heart that never hardens by Professions for Peace.


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    Have you heard the song “Bitter” by Jill Sobule? The spirit is almost the same as this post of yours.

    “Well I don’t want to get bitter
    I don’t want to turn cruel
    I don’t want to get old before I have to…

    And I don’t want to get jaded
    Petrified and weighted
    I don’t want to get bitter like you…”

    Thanks for sharing!


    So much wisdom in this post! Good reminder for everyone. Thanx for sharing, Gina. 😛


    Lovely piece, beautiful message!


    May your soft heart always provide a restful pillow for the downtrodden among us and give them a place to put their trust, renewing their sense of peace and worthiness. Bless you!


      Dearest Jan, this incredible comment from you brings sweet tears to my eyes. You are amazing, and so kind to share your praise with me. Your words touch me so much because that is exactly what I endeavor to do with every post. Bless your heart.
      With love and gratitude,


    Being happy IS so good for our health! This is truly lovely, wonderful! 🙂


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    To all the beautiful hearts….this is for you! Peace and love,


    I love this message. Have a heart that never hardens. Deciding to be happy. And I still believe it’s a beautiful place.
    Thanks Gina 🙂


    Awesome positive quotes! We have to learn en to see the positive way.. It’s not alwas easy, but I believe we have a inner strenght that will help us.


    So true! Beautiful reminders, thanks.

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