Wisdom found in the Garden


Sometimes I have to make a choice. Return from the garden and get back on the computer to let my readers and followers know how much they mean to me… or stay in the garden for just a little bit longer. And hope they know my summer-time absence does not display a disinterest, but rather a very full and busy life.

Summer in my climate is very short-lived and is a reason for celebrating by spending most of my waking time out of doors. As the laptop screen reflects – even in the shade – and the happy bees distract me as well, I am not successful in bringing the computer outdoors. I am too busy tending and talking to plants and watching the robins and sparrows and finches join the party at the plentiful water sources we offer.

Gardening brings me back to myself. My True Self. I use capitals because I am referring to the highest and truest part of myself. I’ve heard people say ‘my church is in Nature’ and I know what they mean. Nature is an essential part of my religion because as I see beauty in Nature (every day, every where I look) I am reminded of how loved we truly are. Those who build a garden are helping bring our love of beauty and spirit right down to earth. 

Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

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  1. Gorgeous photos. I also live in a place where summer is short, and I take in as much of it as I can. I also love it when I find other people who talk to their plants. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, and enjoy the rest of the season!

    1. Hello Cynthia, thank you for this wonderful comment! And to find a new friend who lives in the same part of the world as me (give or take 🙂 ) AND who also talks with plants! And your blog is amazing, an uplifting place I am eager and happy to follow. Your reblog of ‘Never be afraid to fall apart’ is incredible. It is so nice to ‘meet’ you and I look forward to many joyous correspondences! ~Gina

  2. Beautiful poppies! I’ve just realised I would be able to sit on my patio and use my laptop…. sounds a plan. However, I do think that time without technology and with nature can only be a good thing.

    1. Hello! Yes I did try the laptop thing, but quickly found – like you so wisely put it here – that time without technology is good. I try to get out camping at least once a year without hubby, sons or friends… just me myself and I (and my dog) for some silent time with myself. So rejuvenating.

      1. Yes, it is undoubtedly a sign! Besides, I can keep my doors open and pop in and out as I am now…. waiting for the birds who are playing to find a new amusement as I want to work in that patch but don’t want to disturb them.

        1. A true kindred spirit! I too often halt what I am doing to watch a mother robin and young adult run-stop through the garden as she teaches that yes, this is a good place without chemicals to find plenty of good bird-things to eat 🙂

          1. ‘My’ birds seem to live in the trees round about rather than in my garden, but there do seem to be increasing numbers of them, so I wonder if the lack of chemicals is having a positive effect. I do hope so!

  3. This is a very beautiful refreshing post and I personally love Mother Nature. Gardening has its own charms and they enchant me too much. I am glad you wrote on this GINA, THANK YOU FOR SHARING LOVE.

    1. Hello Naima, I love how you wrote it here… that gardening has its own charm and how it enchants you. Beautifully put! There’s a poem in there I think 😀
      Thank you for sharing your love as well dear one.
      Love and Hugs,

  4. This is an amazing post on the sunny day when we can all get along and have some time with our gardens. Just too PERFECT! It is the right time to praise Mother Nature and do all we can do to enhance its beauty in our lawns. Thank you for sharing Gina, I am certainly heading to my garden for a short walk-about and some trimming and mowing.

    1. How wonderful Naima ~ I truly hope your time in your refreshing garden is wonderful on all your walkabouts. And I love that word: walkabout. So perfect for describing time in our gardens, meandering and checking everything, trimming, tidying, pulling a weed here and there. I love it all.
      Love and Hugs to you!

      1. It was a great TREAT Gina. My fried joined in and we had a great time. We had tea as well in the garden after cleaning and all – of course with the spicy gossips about everything under the sky. I missed you though, so much :/

          1. Ahhh.. Don’t ask me. He is annoying, I have no idea how he became too generous today! LOL 😀
            Awww.. I would have loved having camping on such a summery day and exchanging information about gardening; we would have made a great pair!!
            Absolutely yes to our TEA PARTY!!!! 😉
            Much love,

    1. Thank you Elisa! And I enjoy your blog, and your latest about the Flow of Water. So important to be aware of the Bagua map and the elements in our homes and our lives. Clear free-flowing fountains, such as I use, are a wonderful addition.
      Namaste. Gina

      1. Hi Gina,
        Thank you for your kind words! Yes, I agree, it is important to our well being to have a healthy flow and balance in our homes!

  5. Wonderful photography. Beautiful post. Spent the day in the garden myself yesterday. A little robin joined me on and off throughout the day coming to within 2 feet of me many times. Yes, the garden, fields, rivers and all things nature are my Church too. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    1. What a wonderful comment. I feel like we are kindred spirits! I love those moments when, if we are still, the birds come so close. I even enjoy insects and watching bees so frantic in the blossoms, eager to bring home their spoils. Thank you so much for sharing here. 🙂
      Blessings and Light to you, Gina

  6. Brian loves to garden. And now so does my son. The gardens I wander in and get lost and and get recentered in are my journal, my meditation, my heart, and my home. This is what regrounds me and brings me back to myself. I do love nature (hence, the barefoot barn!), but i also need to retreat from it some times. The garden of my heart and poetry — cozy places that enable me to reenter the world. Now you have me thinking about “my gardens!”

    1. What a wonderful comment! I have retreated from the computer and into my gardens and nature for the past few days. I feel rejuvenated and rebalanced. I like your expression of getting ‘recentered’. So true. Feeling the breezes, hearing the birds, digging and pulling in the soil is an ancient behavior that helps ground and center us, as does the occasional backyard firepit. Something about flames is mesmerizing and calming, and to stoke the coals and grill some organic corn on the cob is a highlight of my summer! Now you’ve got me going! With gratitude, Love and Hugs, Gina

  7. “Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty. ” Albert Einstein.

    Not a poet, but the guy knew a thing or two. I’d be lost without the time I spend in my own little nature preserve. Whether blooms, bees, birds, or furry four paws…it’s the time I spend with them that inspires my time spent here.

    Beautiful post Gina and the photos (especially the poppies) are wonderful. Magic lives here!

    1. Hello dear friend! Apologies for disappearing away into the mists for a bit (my first time not signing on for a couple of days since I started my blog!). What a delightful comment to return to. Thank you.
      Yes those poppies send me, and yes Mr Einstein did know a thing or two. Pretty good poet for a genius scientist! I so enjoy your expression of needing to spend time in your own ‘little nature preserve’. I love that and agree. To just sit, after (or before) some gardening tasks and throw and throw the ball for my dear four-legged ‘fur-kid’ is a delight. And watching the cats roll on the concrete patio makes me laugh (especially the plump one, then I remember how I would look rolling around and realize maybe I shouldn’t laugh 😉 )
      Grateful hugs,

      1. hahaha…well seems to me your plump cat does not give a hoot what the world thinks of it’s rolling roundness…seems we should be as kind to ourselves. let it begin by saying “that’s just how I roll”. sounds awfully fun to me!

        1. Oh THANK YOU for a much needed laugh this morning! Just when I was working on completing posts for both of my blogs (the green one being about the joy of mules, believe it or not!) when a tragic event has me all wrapped up in grief today. So I posted a sad poem and feel a bit better… then your “that’s how we roll” here makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD!! Bless your heart Rhonda. Hugs, Gina

          1. I am truly sorry to hear that you are dealing with so much sadness today Gina. Any chance to laugh and smile amid the tears of grief are well worth the taking. I’m glad I could help you with a moment today.
            Thinking of you

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