Make Excellence a Habit

Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

19 thoughts on “Make Excellence a Habit”

  1. Ahhhh Gina, yes, again you’ve nailed it. Our thoughts. Yes, it all begins with a thought. Often in therapy with folks, I sit there, listening with my whole heart and presence. A desire like Hafiz sweeps over me and I think, “Oh dear one, I can so see your light and the seed of your suffering. YOU can shift this! Happiness is right here. Your heart is beating and talking to you and calling for you.” We shift our thoughts, we feel it all in the body…this is how we change our lives. Thanks, Gina, for reminding me of this again. AND so often, lately, I am thinking of you and how you inspire people, how you cheerfully bring people into your heart and words and world. It is inspiring, dear friend. Inspiring. Love, Lisa

    1. Dear soul-sister Lisa, I am delighted with your words here, as I always am to see and hear from you. Yes we can shift, in a moment, a snap-of-the-fingers shift in perception. People like you and Sharon at A Leaf in Springtime, and more kindred spirits, help us all feel connected in a community of many who are holding onto the vision, the dream, of our ultimate outcome. A world where all are at peace within ourselves and therefore easily share peace outside of ourselves as well. As I love to say, when our inner well of well-being is filled to the brim it will overflow into the wells of others. Peace begins with self. And friendship helps. Thank you so much for yours dear one. I cherish your kindness, words, and wisdom. Love, Gina

  2. Great quotes. It’s never good to sell ourselves short because our potential is the greatest thing in the world. (I’m still learning this lesson by the way)

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