The Meeting, by Rachel Field

This poem is like a theme-song for a forest sprite like me! I still recall the first moment I read it, many years ago.

Those memorable goosebumps felt in that second-hand bookstore. This book was definitely coming home with me!

Even though that book is sadly now long lost, for over a dozen years I have said this poem, aloud or silently. Every time I spot a deer.

This, for you today, is from memory. For the buck and doe I startled as a child racing past on a too-big bike. To stop, leap off my bike and freeze statue-like and watch this pair from only fifty feet. Frozen until we all bored of staring at each other, then slowly began moving away. Went back to our lives. Please enjoy.


The Meeting


As I walked home down the Old Wood Road

With my basket and my lesson book

A deer stepped out of the tall trees

And down to drink at the brook


Twilight was all around me

Twilight, and tree on tree

I looked straight into those great strange eyes

And those eyes looked back at me


Beautiful, brown, and unafraid

Those eyes returned my stare

And something with neither sound nor name

Passed between us there


Something I shall not forget

Something still, and shy, and wise

In the dimness of the woods

From a pair of gold-flecked eyes.


~ Rachel Field  ~

(September 19, 1894 ~ March 15, 1942)


Newspaper clipping: Rachel Field, popular writer of children’s books, with her constant companion “Spriggin.” Later she will be interviewed on the “Meet the Author” program.
Rachel Lyman Field
Sep 19, 1894
 ~ Mar 15, 1942

Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

9 thoughts on “The Meeting, by Rachel Field”

  1. I feel blessed whenever I see deer. A profound Awe comes over me. When they follow me on walks, It’s magical and mystical.

  2. Has this ever happened to you? It is an amazing moment..the gaze human to wild animal…one you never forget. ❤

  3. oh I wish we could put pictures here!
    this afternoon I wandered out in the gardens..
    and as i unlatched the gate i saw a young buck eating my swiss chard…
    slowly chewing as he watched me watching him….I asked him what he was doing
    I swear he laughed…. I then said you know we have an agreement what you can eat and not eat
    he looked at me, leaned down grabbed another mouthful and turned to leave…just as he was
    going into the woods he turned around and just watched me…
    I always feel such a gentle presence when my deer are around….
    I will now have to have a copy of your poem to memorize !
    Thank You….once again….I will end my day with a smile …
    Take care…

    1. Dearest Lady, Maryrose, I am ever so touched we have met! I adore that you spoke to him, as I would have done, realizing our fellow inhabitants of this planet know more than credit is given. Gentleness is the concept that Deer teach us, according to Native American spirituality, so ‘gentle presence’ is a brilliantly appropriate choice of words for you to use. I have so much more to share but will wait until our next exchange. Until then, please know I am sending warm hugs your way, dear spirit-sister. Blessings, Gina

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