There’s Only One of Us



Tapestry ~ by Gina


I held the door for you today

Though I do not know your name

I might not even see your eyes

I’ll do it just the same


I reached a box up high today

You sought but could not reach

White haired man, let me help

Let me live as I teach


I paid the toll for you today

Not knowing who you were

Following me, the car behind

I followed urging pure


I gave a smile to you today

Though we’ve not met before

A woman tired, I’ve been there too

I wished I could do more


You fell from your bike today

Nearby, I ran to help

Your mom, unknowing, doors down

Through me, her love was felt


I said a prayer for you today

Though ‘cross the world you live

Feeling what you’re going through

Give what my heart can give


We are all cut from one same cloth

Of God’s great tapestry

All the things I do for you

Ripple back to me.


Original poem, written for this post June 16, 2012 ~ Copyright © 2012 Professions for PEACE

22 responses to There’s Only One of Us

    thesubterraneanworld 06/16/2012 at 9:35 pm

    Three cheers to your IDEA!! Raise a glass for it!! We all believe in equality!!Loved the theme!


    That is really beautiful Gina! It reminded me of where I need to look for inspiration for poems as well as the heart of it, which mirrors mine. Peace and joy. C


    These are sincere words of love for your fellow human. It is pure unconditional concern. Bravo on these unselfish acts and beautiful write.

    asterisk * photography 06/17/2012 at 3:05 am

    Gina, Thank you so much for this lovely poem. It speaks to me of kindness in everyday life. And the importance of noticing, paying attention to the simple needs of everyday life. Love it! -Cathy


      Cathy, yes that is exactly what I was trying to capture. The whole essence of “there’s really only one of us here” and the ripple effect. All the little acts all around us, rippling out into people’s days and lives, costing us very little and possibly helping much more than we know. Love, Gina


    In giving we receive. Beautiful! Thanks Gina!


    Absolutely beautiful! Bright tears to my eyes but a smile to my heart. Thank you 🙂