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    I love it, Gina. I might add, your intention does. Love, Cathy


    Quite a few wars could have been avoided if more people through history had had that belief!


    Love, love, love, love this 🙂


    I’m wondering . . . chickens and eggs. Maybe beliefs, understandings, philosophies, values need to change first in order for behaviour to change and become more virtuous. I like the blackboard’s challenge to focus on good behaviour but worry about its possible devaluing of sound and positive beliefs. Great post. GF


      I personally am not concerned that it, as you suggested, is devaluing beliefs. I feel it is encouraging us to put our beliefs into action with our behavior. For example, since I believe in kindness, then my behavior had best be showing that, in all my interactions with others. Thanks for commenting.


    No truer words spoken!!


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    If only I could get my conservative religious political extremist fanatic friends to understand that.