Inside ~ Outside



Inside ~ Outside


My day started grey

Inside and out

Words waiting to write

But hidden in doubt


Until I remembered

This light of mine

Has much to share

And sometimes needs time


Time to just ponder

And spend time within

Being gentle with self

Letting go of chagrin


Accepting the tears

Yet knowing I need

To get out of my head

Let my dog intercede


She pulls me outside

And straight down the block

To the huge grassy park

For a brisk morning walk


I let the ball fly

And she runs like the wind

Always returning

Helping blues rescind


She runs the most

But I do as well

Feeling my heart pound

Kissing sadness farewell.


Copyright © 2012 Professions for PEACE


18 responses to Inside ~ Outside


    I like your poem, the story it tells, and its message. Thank your for sharing it, Gina!



    Excellent! So simple and yet so powerful… Positive Action!


    I wish my TazE and I could join you in that sprint to the park. I know the dogs would get along as well as we would!


      😀 You KNOW how much I would love that! TazE and Nikki would run and play and we could laugh and talk and pray and philosophize. Then have tea while the dogs flop out after their run! Warm Hugs


    Great post! I can so relate. Getting out with my pup always clears my mind! That, or a bike ride.


    Time to just ponder / And spend time within / Being gentle with self / Letting go of chagrin

    I love this stanza the most. Sometimes we just have to do some quiet reflection and stop beating ourselves up so much for things to work out again. Thank you for reminding me of this! 🙂


      Such a sweet comment, thank you. Yes that one wrote itself beautifully out of my deeply pondering the importance of being gentle with ourselves. Thanks again Lillian, for your kind comment 🙂


    Our animal companions help to keep us in the present moment, don’t they? Love the poem, Gina.