Comparison ~ a wee ditty




When I think of trials I have withstood

And the many dues I’ve paid

I know I’ve grown in humanhood

And no longer am afraid

To know what I once misunderstood

And struggled to evade:

Hard times have taught me that I could

Overcome any barricade.


There were times I felt swallowed by despair

And overcome with hopelessness

I felt my burden was too much to bear

My sea of anguish, bottomless

Yet time did heal and I now can compare

Having felt the depths of distress

Now I am completely aware

Of the true worth of joyousness.


Copyright © 2008 Professions for PEACE

8 responses to Comparison ~ a wee ditty


    There is much growing done in the valleys of life. Well written!

    stickyquote 06/13/2012 at 9:51 am



    What a beauty and with each hurdle i grew strong stronger and taught meanders some straight cuts
    loved it 🙂


    Motivational and inspiring for the hopeless to have faith. Well written.