Spread kindness


Beautiful thoughts to share today ~ May we all remember how important basic kindness is.






Holding the privacy

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    Lovely quotes to start the weekend! Thank you, Gina!


    Thank you so kindly for thinking enough of my humble blog to include me in your list of nominees. I am honored and I see that you put a lot of love and effort into that post. It’s quite a few awards and a huge list of nominees! I look forward to visiting the ones I am not already following. In the interest of not allowing myself to get ‘bloggers-burn-out’ from the awards process I have elected to not participate in them any longer. However your heart-warming nomination is on my Awards page with the link to your awards post and encouragement for readers to visit your delightful blog. I truly adore your blog! Now that I think of it I shall add your blog to my blogroll too!
    Your kindness truly warms my heart. Keep up the awesome sharing!!! 😀
    Love and Light to you, Gina


    I saw someone set a queue of people waiting at a bus stop laughing today. That is as good as a laugh, I think. (As long as it’s not a laugh at anything that actually is at base a cruelty. This particular laughter released an unspoken group anxiety. I could feel the anxiety flap its wings and fly away into the blue sky.)


      Wow, thank you Ben. I love this comment, and especially your observation I completely agree with after reading Robert A. Heinlein’s work that sometimes laughter is cruel at its base. But your sweet story tells of a kind laughter, with a release of anxiety flying away from a group of people at a bus stop. Thank you so much for sharing this wisdom here. I really needed this today! Blessings, Gina


    And if they don’t like the sunshine, simply smile at them.