Live Love Listen Speak


This gorgeous poster was randomly sourced off the internet a while back, before I kept careful track of the link to include. It has been one of the pieces I enjoy on my desktop, but today I feel inspired to share it here in a post for all who have not seen it yet. These lines were written by Aubrey Drake Graham (born October 24, 1986), who records under the mononym Drake, and is a Canadian recording artist and actor. The maker of this actual poster is unknown but it is a gorgeous image for these wise words.

May we all enjoy these words to ponder today. Truly words to live by.

14 responses to Live Love Listen Speak


    So very true, thanks for sharing


    Sage advice.


    Coincidentally, I just first saw this poster today, on facebook, where it was linked to a site called Walk And Talk. But I have no clues if they are the ones who made this poster. Love it tho! 🙂


    Powerful message sharing wonderful lines and words to live by! Thanks for sharing it really made my day Gina!


    These words are from Drake, singer. [: