…and the Award goes to…

June 6, 2012 — 67 Comments

I am humbled and rather overwhelmed at the kindness this blog has been showered with over the past week. As I travel around this great blogoshere finding amazing poets, writers, photographers, meditators, and bloggers of all kinds, I keep coming back to my own site, and knowing (remembering) that all I need do, is be myself. Enjoy sharing my thoughts and feelings, and all the ups and downs along the way, in the hopes that something which has inspired me and fostered my own inner growth just might help you as well.

So in the interest of returning to the joyful place of writing out the best and most beautiful things in my heart and soul, I am hereby doing my final awards post. I have enjoyed the fun I’ve had ‘sharing the love around’ and now pour my heart into this post with genuine love. Sigh. Relax. Really hear my husband saying ‘thank you’ as I post this last image. By saying ‘Thanks but no thanks’ from now on, I get to enjoy more of my marriage, my garden, and my cooking (hey! it used to be my poetry.. now I love to turn a few fresh ingredients into a delish meal).

A note about rules and such, please know that it is standard practice (and very good for karma 🙂 ) to thank the one who nominated you and provide a link back to their site in your post. Then to offer your nominees with links to their blogs as well. Other than that, well I am going to stay true to who I really am at heart, and release the need to follow rules to the letter when I know that really, at their essence, awards are simply generated to help us bloggers find other like-minded individuals and share the love around. I do my best to travel around and share the love without the need for awards to encourage me. Here are a couple of delightful posts about awards that I encourage you to check out: Candid Concourse and The Dainty Damsel. And please know, all my dear nominees, to feel welcome to participate if it brings you joy. Otherwise allow the compliment and kudos to bring a smile, and then let it go. This is simply about sharing some of our favorite blogs with each other. And on that note, here are some of mine ~


I was nominated for this award by three wonderful bloggers: Rahul at iamrahulashok, Russ at A Grateful Man, and Jolyn at thejolynproject. How wonderful that I get to begin with a few of my favorite places to visit… and they all nominated me?! I am delighted. Thank you all so much. I encourage my dear readers to click on their links to be transported to their delightful sites.

Here are my 6+ nominees to share this Commenter Award with. I warmly thank all of these nominees for sharing of their time and love to offer comments and insights, both on my own blog as well as in replies to my comments on theirs. These lovely people warmly encourage dialogue, which is one of the main things that makes this blogging world go ’round!

Sharon at A Leaf In Springtime

Mark at Dream Pray Act

Lisa at Gems of Delight

Jan Beek and her blog JanBeek

Rev Dani Lynn at Spiritual Mysticism

Donna at My Magnificent Mess

Cathy at Large Self



Krissy at My Soulful Healing. Thank you so much Krissy! She knew I had this award already but still chose to cheer me on and have it again. Thank you dear heart! I warmly encourage visiting her wonderfully uplifting site. This award does come with a list of questions, and I encourage these participants to view my earlier post on receiving the Sunshine Award for all the details.

These people “positively and creatively inspire others” and I know you will enjoy visiting their blogs.

Jane at NotinIndia2012

Lilie at Under the Wisdom Tree

Nadine Marie at Aligning With Truth



Subhan Zein is a popular blogger for very good reason: he delightfully shares such wisdom and kindness that it makes every visit to his blog a visit that cheers and inspires. That he thought enough of my blog to share this gorgeous dove with me, means the world to me. Thank you so much Subhan! For sharing this award with me, and for being your beautiful genuine self on your blog.

Here are my nominees for this ‘Inspiring Blog’ Award

http://newsofthetimes.org/  Jennifer at News of the Times ~ as she puts it: This is meant to be a place for people to discuss the pressing issues of our times in a safe space. This is not meant to be a political site; instead, this is a place to reflect and share without judgement or agenda.” This is a wonderfully inspiring and thought-provoking blog to follow.

http://selfawarenessforchange.wordpress.com/ ~ Awakening, Empowering & Liberating the ‘Self’ ~ “A comprehensive, user-friendly, ‘real life’ sharing platform on self awareness, whole person development, character building, leadership, environmental awareness and spiritual growth.” A wonderfully inspiring blog to follow. Lovely Sharon at A Leaf In Springtime introduced me to this amazingly loving and wise blog. Thank you to both of you for helping to brighten our world with the wisdom and love you so generously share.

http://dancingkarma.wordpress.com/ Amy has a delightful new blog filled with her fun and inspiring adventures in organic gardening, mothering, and loving her life. I am uplifted and inspired with every visit to her site. I rest assured that you will be as well.

http://aplacecalledlove.com/ Gorgeous images with poetry and prose. However be forewarned ~ I cannot find where to comment and even adding Likes is awkward: must be done by opening each post and adding the Like from the top bar (if signed in). Nonetheless, even though I cannot offer a comment on her site to please come and see that she has been included here, no matter. This awards process is about ‘sharing the love around’ and I encourage you to see what Genie has posted on her lovely blog. A favorite post (so far) is: http://aplacecalledlove.com/2012/05/17/all-things-green/

Priyesh at Meditation for All inspires and educates on the value and ease of meditation: http://meditation4all.co.uk/



My Coaching Project. I so enjoy this blog! Thank you so kindly for sharing your Reader Appreciation Award with me here. I certainly appreciate reading your blog and am so glad you enjoy this one as well. This Award does come with the request to share something you’ve been up to lately, and then to nominate 6 other blogs.

What I have been up to lately ~ developing a new blog called People Excited About Co~Existence. While my poetic and philosophical heart adores this blog and all my beloved readers and friends, this new blog is my way of contributing towards the ongoing healing of our world, by living more green.

http://patcegan.wordpress.com/ Pat Cegan continually inspires, sometimes make me laugh, always make me ponder the deeper questions. With nearly 1200 followers she is very popular and may not have time for Awards, but in case you have not found her blog yet, I am including it here for my dear readers.

http://fivereflections.wordpress.com/ This Haiku poet’s work is likely being used in high school curriculums regarding poetry, and if not… why the heck not?! His talent for capturing powerful images of nature and more within the constraints of a tight haiku is astounding. He does NOT do awards just so you know, however I am brazenly including him in my list just in case you have not participated in one of the 85,000 visits he’s had. His haiku will send you to lovely places in nature, I assure you.

http://quantumzen.wordpress.com/ Again I am brazenly including someone who does not do awards, simply in the interest of helping any reader here, interested in thought-provoking spiritually based poetry and commentary to find this wise man’s blog. I call him wise, he is much more humble than that. Apologies, Satprem! Love and Light to you!

http://gyatoday.wordpress.com/ Ok I’ve got a trend going here, and considering this will be my last post on awards, I am including yet another incredibly wise and inspiring blogger, Paul, who does not participate in the awarding process. However as one of my very favorite places to visit for consistent inspiration and insight, this blog deserves to be shared here. His blog’s acronym is for Give Yourself Away and his tagline is “lift as you climb”. Thank you Paul for always lifting my spirit in the climb.



Nominated by the Lady Lovely Blogger ~ I found this particular award to be especially delightful, along with the presenter to me being the Lady Lovely Blogger. Feels wonderfully appropriate to me! To my dear nominees, ‘Professions for PEACE’ may not have the same ring to it for getting the One Lovely Blog award as I had from Lady Lovely Blogger, but it is sent with to you with much love, all the same. Here are a few wonderful bloggers I wish to pass this award along to:

Tracie Louise Photography ~ The incredible works of this talented artist will send you soaring! Here is something she wrote on her site: “An important part of my journey as a photographer is having the opportunity to inspire others by what I do.  Taking inspirational photo’s and pictures.” She has certainly succeeded, since her photos are incredibly inspiring.

Plain Photography ~ I love what he’s written on his About page:  “You might ask why call it Plain Photography. There is a verse in Romans 1 that says God has made it plain to us by the things that he has made. My dad is a biologist. Over the years I have spent many hours in the woods exploring nature, both with my dad and on my own. My dad trained me to recognize, enjoy, and identify the things that God has made. I started bringing a camera with me after my brother prompted me to give it a try. This was late in 2010. There is something enjoyable about attempting to capture the beauty that is all around.”

The wonderfully talented artist and poet at Silver Poet warms my heart. I warmly encourage you to visit ~ http://silverpoetry.wordpress.com/



From KD DeFehr and HermeLynda at ~ Inspired Thought ~ Inspired Action. Thank you both so very much for believing in this blog enough to share your Versatile Blogger Award with me here. Your blogs are each wonderful sources of insight and inspiration. Bless your hearts! It is greatly appreciated.

The Dad Poet is a place I enjoy visiting for poetry, commentary, and more! He is a father, poet and birder… my kind of people! A visit to his site will be sure to inspire, especially those – like me – interested in bringing back the art of spoken poetry. And it’s a wonderful place to support, with your follow, in the knowledge that great parents come in all shapes and sizes 😉

Russ Towne is A Grateful Man ~ visiting his blog always inspires and uplifts my heart. He is honest, witty,and  insightful. This blog of his has quickly become one of my favorite places to visit on a regular basis, to be surprised, delighted, and inspired by what he shares! Thank you Russ!



Shared from Krissy (again, extra big thanks to you, dear heart) at My Soulful Healing

Thank you to Religion 4 All, a very welcoming place to read and be inspired. I am honored to follow your blog and enjoy all your thoughts and musings on remaining connected to our Source/God. Thank you for writing!

http://newsofthetimes.org/  Jennifer at News of the Times ~ as she puts it: This is meant to be a place for people to discuss the pressing issues of our times in a safe space. This is not meant to be a political site; instead, this is a place to reflect and share without judgement or agenda.” This is a wonderfully inspiring and thought-provoking blog to follow.

http://dancingkarma.wordpress.com/ Amy has a delightful new blog filled with her fun and inspiring adventures in organic gardening, mothering, and loving her life. I am uplifted and inspired with every visit to her site. I rest assured that you will be as well.

http://aplacecalledlove.com/ Gorgeous images with poetry and prose. However be forewarned ~ I cannot find where to comment and even adding Likes is awkward: must be done by opening each post and adding the Like from the top bar (if signed in). Nonetheless, even though I cannot offer a comment on her site to please come and see that she has been included here, no matter. This awards process is about ‘sharing the love around’ and I encourage you to see what Genie has posted on her lovely blog. A favorite post (so far) is: http://aplacecalledlove.com/2012/05/17/all-things-green/

Priyesh at Meditation for All inspires and educates on the value and ease of meditation. http://meditation4all.co.uk/



Thanks so much to Naima at the Subterranean World for sharing this gorgeous award with my little blog. I warmly encourage you, my dear reader, to click on the link and be transported to her world of poetry and imagery to inspire your heart.

http://bellableue.com/  “Healing Your Mind, Body and Spirit from Moment to Moment”

http://poeticinvocation.wordpress.com/ A delightful blog filled with poetry musings and gorgeous images.



Thank you to Hermelynda at ~Inspired Thought, Inspired Action~ for sharing this award with me.

I encourage you to visit my nominee for this award, the Sloppy Buddhist ~ http://sloppybuddhist.com/  I am delighted to share this lovely blog, in this last minute, about to complete my final awards post. Just under the wire! Thank you again Hermelynda.


..and in closing here I am delighted to add a little work of art found on Satprem’s wise blog, created by Asifa.

And a final comment ~ I simply could not share all of the wonderful bloggers out there who follow my humble blog and are deserving of recognition… so please know you are appreciated… and as time allows I will be adding more blogs into my side-panel links list. If yours is not there already, it will be soon!

67 responses to …and the Award goes to…


    this was done with much thought!


    So lovely! I appreciate the time you took to Thank everyone. 🙂


    This one touched my heart. I could feel every emotion that you put into this post. Congrats on all the loving awards. You have a great site that I love visiting daily. This post just warmed my heart! 🙂


    Congratulations for all the awards! Well deserved too.

    I feel honoured that you gave me the award, thank you.

    The reason that I don’t have comments turned on for the summer is because I am not around computers enough during summertime to be able to answer people when they leave comments and to me that’s like having someone over to my home and not making tea.

    The reason that I don’t have “likes” turned on is due to wordpress – they have a new aggressive policy: whenever someone is looking at a blog and likes a post, as soon as they click “Like” it says: “Like this post… follow blog?’

    I find this new policy puts pressure on people, I feel it and I have used wordpess for years. What to think of newcomers.

    I am going to write wordpress and request that they change this new policy and go back to the way it used to be – click “like” and that’s it, no harassment from wordpress to follow a blog.


      Hello dear one, how wonderful to hear from you! Thank you for this kind and insightful comment. I have not had those troubles with WordPress, so thank you for sharing ~ I had no idea. And going away for the summer sounds wonderful to me ~ good on you! I look forward to more exchanges once you are back to your computer in the autumn (and of course anytime earlier as well!). Blessings, Gina


      I wondered why I couldn’t “like” your posts because I have tried. They’re beautiful. I also wanted to say that when I click on “like” the “…follow blog” statement you mentioned does not come up for me. Just thought I’d let you know since you were going to look into it. 🙂


        Oh my goodness… you have tried to Like but couldn’t? That is so strange. I thought I had the Like button on every post. And I thought we all could Like a post at least from the black top bar of the actual post (not just the person’s blog, but to click on a post). Anyways cyber-mysteries aside, thankyou as always bright spirit, for visiting and sharing comments and kindness. You are deeply appreciated.


        The “Follow Blog?” option only happens when one is not following a blog and click on “Like” at the bottom of a post, however, it never comes up when one clicks “Like” from the top of the page.

        This is why I don’t have “Like” turned on at the bottom of my posts until such a time as WordPress gets back to me and lets me know if and or when they are going to remove that aggressive feature.


          Hello Genie and thank you kindly for your comment. Yesterday I was visiting and adding Likes to a new blog that I was not yet following, and each time I clicked Like on the top of the post, I did get the pop-up asking me if I wanted to Follow? I ignored it and continued browsing but it made me remember what you had said, especially about new people to this blogging world. I do hope it doesn’t scare away new ‘travellers’ around the blogosphere! Again, thanks for your visit and comment.


            Ah! but that’s only if the person has “Like” as an option at the bottom of a post, in my experience, it doesn’t happen if I click “Like” at the top of a page that I am not following if they do not have “Like” as an option on the bottom of the post.

            But, it could be something which has to do with different countries?
            I know Google has different policies with countries, maybe WordPress does as well? I do hope they get back to me soon about this because it is annoying to have to turn off “Like” so that people who are not following my blog don’t have to feel any pressure to do so, like I said, every time I click “Like” on a blog that I am not following, and it says: “Like the post… Follow Blog?”, I feel guilty (for not following) and pressured by WordPress to follow – and I have been using WordPress for about 6 years! I really hate to put newcomers through that…

            Would you be into going to a blog that you are not following and click “Like” (one that you do like of course, I like looking up poetry and photography, lots of terrific posts to be found that way!) and let me know if you get the obnoxious and aggressive “Follow Blog?” thing come up?


              I will do what I can to help if you need. Do you want me to make a note of the sites I have ‘Liked’ that pop up with the FOLLOW? comment? It must be quite different for different countries and areas and such because unlike your experiences I have clicked on Like at the top of a page that didn’t have the Like button at the bottom and still got the Follow pop-up. I think the site was from Mexico. It honestly doesn’t bother me though. I must admit I do not seem to have the same troubles you are experiencing and I do hope you have better luck soon!


    I can only imagine how long this post took you! But I’m very excited to check out all of your blog recommendations. Thanks for taking the time to personally comment on each blog and for sharing! It’s always the personal touch that counts. 🙂


      You are so kind to comment on that! Yes I did put a lot of time and love into this post, and like I mentioned my husband is thankful to have more of me back 🙂 Again, thank you for your comment. So glad you noticed my personal touch.


    This was a great way to gather and celebrate many of the blogs you love, and I’m very grateful to be a part of it. I have also spent some time looking at the other blogs you list, and will continue to do so, because you have such good taste! Thanks so much, and blessings to you, Mark


      Hello Mark, thanks for your kind words. Your blog truly is one of my favorite places to visit. Your poems, commentary and images are incredibly inspiring! I do hope you enjoy visiting around at the other places listed. With much gratitude, Gina


    WOW. Wow for the Awards that’s been pouring in! Wow that I found little ol’ me mentioned! 😀 Oh Gina, words fail me when I see how you live your values with every post you send out, with every thoughtful comment you make, with every award you lovingly hand out. I am blown away. Really. May all blessings return to you in greater measure as you so lovingly send out each day. I am so blessed to know someone like you. The world is indeed transformed with individuals like you. With much love, Sharon


      Dear Sharon, your words delight me 😀 I do feel that you are like an angel walking around on earth, sharing smiles, joy and kindness all around. It is sweet people like you that inspire me to keep doing what I am doing, and that is just being myself and writing about it. This lovely blogging world is a delightful place to explore and read such enjoyable blogs as your own. A Leaf in Springtime has become a place I visit on a very regular basis for feeling inspired and uplifted. Bless your heart, dear one, for always lifting my heart! With much gratitude and love, Gina


    I thank you for your kind nomination for the Sunshine Award! I am truly honored. I have a couple of other awards to “attend to”, and like you idea of doing it all in one post. I also like the photo at the end about “no more awards please”. I actually like everything you’ve written here, and in all your posts and look forward to continued pleasure from your wonderful blog. I sometimes find blogging gets “it the way” of the rest of my life, and yet very often feel empty without it. So being recognized in this lovely way, helps to keep me going when I otherwise might “leave” for awhile. Once again, thanks for finding me, thanks for nominating me, and thanks for just being YOU and sharing.
    with love light and JOY


      Thank you dear Jane, this is such a sweet comment! I do know what you mean about blogging sometimes getting in the way, yet we love it so much don’t we? I am delighted to share this sweet award with you. I do hope it helps keep you going as I look forward to all of your posts. I am still researching a very good juicer to buy thanks to your delicious inspirations!
      With love to you, Gina


    My dear Gina,

    Thank you for the award and for your friendship on this journey. I love the consciousness that you bring to your blog, your comments and the light you share in this world. When I started my blog, I really had no idea how rich and rewarding the process could be and you and your contributions have made it so special!

    Much love,



      Hello Cathy, thank you so very much for these kind words. You have warmed my heart and brought a big smile to my face! I so agree with your comment here, of having no idea how ‘rich and rewarding’ this blogging process would become. I enjoy all of your posts on your lovely blog and I am delighted to share your link here that more readers may find your insightful wisdom.
      Love and Light to you dear one,


    I am truly impressed by the manner in which you approached the award subject and at the time you spent, not only in your detailed explanation, but also in your honoring of the other bloggers which you have enjoyed~ Having only been in the blogging community for a little over a month now and also having spent the better part of that time learning how to navigate “wordpress” and posting my own work, I feel that I soon will be in a place of rest, wherein I can go outside of “me” and explore the works of this wonderful blogging community more thoroughly~ Thank you for your acknowledgment here and the link, Gina and like you said “These lovely people warmly encourage dialogue, which is one of the main things that makes this blogging world go ’round!” I agree completely~! Interaction, dialogue, communion with and the exploration of other writer’s work is the creme in my coffee for sure~ Now, Dear One, you have provided me with a long list of blogs, a virtual dessert menu of delicious delight and I eagerly look forward perusing this landscape of creative expression~ WeBeOne~


      This is a wonderful comment Satprem, and you have brought delight to my day, and a happy smile 😀 I really appreciate your sharing here, and for noticing the love I put into that post. As far as learning your way around WordPress, you are doing an amazing job! There are so many areas in your blog to enjoy! I haven’t even begun to sift through your musical section! All your art and heartfelt poetry and commentary makes it such a insightful and thought-provoking place to visit. I am happy to have provided a ‘dessert menu’ (love that!) for visiting many more beautiful blogs out there! Enjoy! Namaste ~kindred spirit~ Gina


    Thank you, Gina! I completely understand. As one of my earliest and most supportive readers, you and your blogs will forever have a special warm place in my heart.



    well done, you are a wonderful example to us all


      Thank you so much! Apologies for the delay in replying due to only visiting my spam folder every other day or so. Why this delightful comment of yours would end up there I have no idea. I truly enjoy your blog! Thanks again for the visit and comment 😀 ~Gina


    Wow! This must have been quiiiiiiite a post to write! Thank you for acknowledging me and my work…and sharing it with the world. I was juuuust thinking about no longer participating in awards. I have been so humbled by the acknowledgment but I saw how I felt “pressured” and ‘strange’ about “having to” do something. I think the best solution is just to kindly say, ‘thank you!’ and encourage thoughtful comments and collaboration and community-forming instead! Love being in cahoots with you, Lisa


      Love that! We are cahoots~sisters! I find it supportive to discover more and more kind bloggers saying ‘Thanks but no thanks’ and in doing that it allows us to return to the real joy of blogging… the writing of those stories nearest and dearest to our hearts. Well, and as hubby says: more time for us to spend together 😀 So here’s to fostering thoughtful communicating and community-forming without awards! Cheers! (tea-mugs-clinking)
      ~Love from your friend and cohort, Gina


    Thankyou and i love the little bird pic!


    Congratulations Gina, much deserved! There sure was a lot of love that went into writing this post and a lot of love will most certainly find its way back to you! 🙂

    Much thanks also for nominating me for the Sunshine Award. I am humbled and honored. To be recognized does brighten my day and lightens me up, which in turn helps me continue to shine my light! It truly is about spreading love and light and sharing the blessings! ☀

    Much Blessings to you, Love & Light, Peace & Joy, Namaste…~ Nadine Marie ♥

    Btw, I’d appreciate if you can change the name of my blog to Aligning With Truth. mytruthsetsmefree is the url of my site which I am in the midst of changing. Thank you much! ☀


    Gina, thank you thank you thank you! I have no idea where you currently reside, but I really wish we could get together, open a good bottle of wine and solve the world’s problems together. We also need Sharon and Kelly in this group! One of the things that struck me as most important when I was first starting to blog (just a few months ago back in January) was how important it is to be connected. To comment on what I’ve read that moves me, to respond to those who’ve been moved by what I’ve written. To continue spreading positivity,and become a better person in the process. Thank you for helping me with that! Congratulations on your Awards, well deserved indeed. I’ll be working on my nominations over the weekend. I would LOVE to chat sometime so please let me know if you have skype or facetime! Love and Hugs Donna


    Thank you so much for nominating me for the Sunshine Award. That came at just the right time. Lol, I didn’t know how to do some of the things you are supposed to – computer and site illiterate, but trying. Didn’t want you to think I had ignored it. I was very honored. Perhaps, I will learn how to work that. Again, thank you so much for your kindness, your thoughtfulness.


      Dear one, you have lifted my heart with your sweet comment. I hope it ‘came at just the right time’ means it inspired and delighted you to know your blog is appreciated. And as you may see on my blog, I feel strongly about ‘supposed to’ being something we can let go of. I encourage you to remember that awards are all in good fun, and is truly about sharing the blogs you’ve found. So take all the time you need, and remember to only do it if it is fun and if you really want to do it. Warm hugs and encouragement, Gina


    Beautiful post Gina. Thank you for the nomination and please visit my blog to see The Act of Giving & Receiving where I linked to your blog. (I didn’t want to link it here, didn’t want to be pushy.) lol.


      LOL 😀 You are a darling one, and never pushy.. feel free to include links here anytime. Wow.. I just checked your new post and it is beautifully done! Thank you so much for including me dear one, and I am honored to be included in your list with those beautiful bloggers. Bless your kind and loving heart. Oh and please send wise Goose energy my way, as you wrote about earlier. My inner child is a bit beat up today 🙂 Love, Gina


    wow…thanks kindly Gina…lovely!


    Congratulations to all the award nominees! You’ve done well!


    Yeah! Yahoo! & Congratulations!

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