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Today I shall share with you an incredibly lovely poem I discovered in a magazine in 1992. My firstborn, five years old at the time, needed an operation requiring a general anesthetic. I was gripped in fear yet wanted out of it. I believe in the power of our thoughts, therefore I felt the worst thing I could do during his hour-long procedure was sit and worry, tense with fear. I knew I had to shift my thinking. I had to turn my fear over to God. But how?

My fear was strong but this poem proved stronger. I read it over and over, quietly aloud in the small curtained bed space reserved for my son. I sat in the chair and remained unconcerned about others who would overhear my quiet repetitive mumblings. I worked on memorizing this poem. And in that one hour I succeeded. As it turned out, it was the first of many poems I would preserve to memory. I hope you enjoy.


Love me God, that I may show,

Thy love to others and help them grow.

Help me God to love through thee,

With a newborn love, eternally free.

Show me God, thy path divine,

And walk before me; thy way is mine.

Search me God for weakness small,

That I may grow in love for all.

Mold me God in thy own way,

You are the potter and I the clay.

Hold me God in times of doubt,

With arms of love, ever strong and stout.

Enfold me God with thine own peace,

That I may learn Divine release.

Raise me God that I may see

In all thy children, only thee.

Thank you God, that you do hear

My cries for help in times of fear.

Thank you God, that I am free,

To be all that you would have me be.

Thank you God for thy presence here

Like breath itself, you are that near.

Thank you God that you are God:

All knowing, all loving, ever-present God.

~Author unknown

I typed this out from memory. I no longer have that old dog-eared magazine. I recall the poet’s first name was Vernitia or something close to that. I wish I could find out her name and thank her for this treasure. This poem still helps me to this day. Note: this was previously published on my blog but had to be removed due to repetitive hits from β€˜junk mail’ shall we say. I sadly had to sacrifice all my Likes and Comments, but hopefully you, dear reader, will not mind seeing it again. Perhaps some of my dear new visitors will enjoy discovering it for the first time. Love and Light, Gina

Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

31 thoughts on “Poetry Helps”

  1. I, too, believe in the power of thoughts, and what we continue to hold within us, we become. What better to become than the expressions in this poem? I can think of nothing. Thank you so much for sharing. May others be blessed, and you in return.

    1. What a delightful comment ~ Thank you so kindly! This poem means so much to me. I often recite it.. in traffic, while walking my dog, while doing the dishes… it is precious. So glad you enjoy it too. Blessings, Gina

  2. I haven’t seen it before and so glad you reposted it. It is brilliant. And I love the photo on this post. One of my favorite quotes from a book I read years ago: Mutant Messages from Down Under… “you can have Faith or Fear, not both”. I pray each day for Freedom from Fear and every strengthening Faith. Love this. Thanks so much.
    with love light and JOY

    1. Hi Jane! I too pray to strengthen my faith every day, and this quote really hits that note perfectly. I’ll have to check out that book you’ve shared here. Thanks so much, as always dear one, for your kind comment. Love and Light, Gina

  3. Ah, it is a great prayer writing…you have quite the memory…I fear my brain twirls to much to memorize all I wish to…thank you for sharing, and I am so trying to catch up on my reading this morning…sorry I’ve not been by the last few days πŸ™‚

    1. Never worry sweet ~Lay Day. You are an incredibly prolific writer and please, keep them coming! But that you make time to come visit me here does mean the world to me. Bless your heart dear one (And I thought of you yesterday as I was dealing with all my rhubarb and helping the strawberry patch along πŸ™‚ )

  4. Although at times, I have “God” issues (mostly the biblical version of the wrathful deity to be feared) The Love affair with the Divine in this piece is very evident and That I Love~ Thank you for this devotional piece, filled with humility and askance~ Splendid read and the feelings evoked from reading it are just what I needed right now~ Blessings, Dear One~ πŸ™‚

    1. I know what you mean and this poem does speak to me of the ‘Divine’ essence. My deep connection with Nature, and seeing God everywhere in the natural world, helps with my own love affair with God. I am delighted to hear from you Satprem and am so glad you enjoyed this poem. I do recite it to myself on a regular basis πŸ™‚ Love and Light to you Bright Soul, Gina

    2. This is such a beautiful prayer Gina. Thank you for sharing and reposting it!
      Like satprem33, I’ve had issues with the term “God” because of how He/She/It has been painted as this wrathful, vengeful, judging, punishing, white-bearded old man up in the sky who is to be feared because He is constantly watching over me, waiting for an opportunity for me to “sin and punish” me. I have of course, thank God (pun intended), shifted that perception. Yet somehow, I still have an amount of discomfort with the terminology.
      With this prayer though, I imagined myself as this 5-year-old little girl reciting this prayer, in a private conversation with God, feeling only the love that I so deserve. It has been quite healing because this post, this prayer and satprem33’s comment brought to my awareness to continue working on that part of me that is still uncomfortable with the term “God”.
      Thank you for this post Gina, thank you satprem33 for sharing your thoughts, and thank you to whoever that unknown author is! πŸ™‚
      Much blessings, Love & Light, Peace & Joy…Namaste….Nadine Marie

      1. Wow… thank you Nadine Marie, for this beautifully-written, honest and wise comment! You cheer my heart with your shining Light. πŸ™‚ If you have not done so already, please visit our wise friend Satprem from my blogroll/links in the sidebar “Just This”. I am delighted that this most beloved old poem that I memorized can reach out and touch your heart. And interestingly enough, I too enjoy seeing this poem from my inner child’s point of view. Blessings to you sweet sister, Gina

        1. You’re most welcome sister dear! It really is interesting. Being in cyberspace and blogging for only six months or so has shown me ways that I never thought I could touch people’s lives. We really just never know how a post, a comment, reblog, or a “like” can make a difference. From my inner child to yours, much love and hugs! πŸ™‚ ~Nadine Marie

          1. Touching people’s lives… isn’t that so true?! Here kindnesses are as important as a genuine smile or holding the door is with strangers out in the world. πŸ˜€ Received with gratitude and abundantly returned, much love and hugs your way ~Gina

    1. Thank you Mark, and how beautifully you put it, that I have ‘written it on my heart’. Thank you for commenting on that. I am very careful to only select the most uplifting and inspirational poetry to memorize, like your amazing poem “The Prayer of Jesus”.

  5. Thank you for sharing this poem. And thank you for visiting and commenting in my blog… hope to continue to share ideas. God bless.

  6. Yes, this poem is a treasure – worthy of memorization, and like an old friend, good to revisit countless times! Thank you for reposting it, Gina!

    1. I thought Askimet was built in, and the Widget was only to show how much sh*t was stopped? And HEY! You’re here camping! I have more posts coming! You’re early! Where’s those marshmallows… He’s here! lol

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