Forget hurt ~ Love again


I wanted to share this incredible poster from my collection of uplifting art.
May the wisdom and beauty it contains inspire and uplift us all.

9 responses to Forget hurt ~ Love again


    You can’t control others. It will always be about, who you are – how you want to know yourself. Thanks for sharing this.

    Sameer Vasta 05/31/2012 at 1:26 pm

    I will look at this every morning; I still wake up hurt and in pain, but need reminders that one day I’ll forget it all and will stronger for it. Thank you.


    How true….It never serves us to hold on to resentment. Letting it go is much kinder to self I think. Beautiful post Gina!


    Love and peace ,beautiful combination for a happy life.

    Best wishes.Jalal Michael Sabbagh