Letting go and turning it over

May 29, 2012 — 30 Comments


I torment myself and recall

The first time we did meet

Amidst such joy and flying sparks

It now feels bittersweet.

I walk with heavy footsteps

And my heart does not feel light

I am wooden in the daytime

And far from peace at night.

I remember our first meetings

And the joy that I did feel

Foolishly I thought that I had found

Something that was for real.

I looked into your heart and eyes

And listened to each word

For sight or sound of evidence

That could be seen or heard,

That it was safe to open up

My heart and soul to you

That I would not end up the fool

Reeling, black and blue.

Thought I’d done my homework well,

I thought I was complete ~

So why does my heart feel broken

And shattered at my feet?

I have felt pain and loss before

And I learn from my past

I do the best that I can do

To learn some things can’t last.

I want to find my Life-Partner,

I’d hoped it could be you

But now I must heal once again

And know ‘At least I grew’.

Yet one thing worries me the most:

The hardening of my heart

I feel reluctance grow within

To even let love start.

It’s said a broken heart holds more,

New joy comes after grief;

I hope that when the time is right

I will turn over a new leaf.

© Gina’s Professions for P.E.A.C.E. 1993

Lines from this poem of mine, written nearly twenty years ago, have been running through my mind. In my older post ‘It’s So Romantic’ you’ll see how I have been blessed to have at last found my true soul mate. Regardless, my heart is urging me to share this old poem. There is something in these words that still bring me comfort, somehow. May we remember to turn over a new leaf, when the time is right. Blessings, Gina

30 responses to Letting go and turning it over


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    As Gina,the author herself said:May we remember to turn over a new leaf,when time is right.Amazing poem of Her,gave me comfort with my own decisions.May You all be blessed,specially You Gina!Thank You for sharing this amazing poem with all of us.


    Beautifully written. Glad you found that soul mate. I’m sure this poem will touch someone else going through similar struggles as yours when you wrote it.


    Touching and honest poem~ Deeply Felt, as I too (and many others, I’m sure) have experienced exactly what you went through~ In fact I’m still in the healing mode from my last wife and still Love her Dearly~ I have been single and celibate for over two years and even though I get to spend Way More time with my 6 children, I DO miss the sweetness of relationship and especially the cuddling~ I am happy that you found Love again~ Blessings~


      Thank you so kindly for this honest and dear comment. Especially coming from as profoundly talented a poet as yourself, I am deeply humbled and honored by your kind words. I am ever so thankful to have at last found love, and that is my dearest wish for you as well. Love and Light, Gina


        Thank you Dear Heart~ Meanwhile, like you, I’ll Happily direct this Love to all of my Amazing kids until such a time when Love/relationship once again blesses my doorstep~ Love & Light,


          Well put Satprem, to overflow our love of Life and Spirit into the hearts of our beloved children. No need to seek that which will find us in due time. Your comments and wisdom are a treasure. Love and Light to you Dear Soul, Gina


    Truly Blessed to have met you here~ Namaste’


    We human creatures do find comfort in the road we have traveled to bring us where we are. We learn about ourselves through the painful times, and perhaps even begin to believe in ourselves in new ways. I’m very happy that you have found your soul mate. Blessings, Mark


      Hello dear Mark, your wise words ring wonderfully true. Especially how through tough times we ‘even begin to believe in ourselves in new ways’. I love that. Thank you so much for this thoughtful comment. I celebrate the fact that finding our Great Love of our Life can most certainly happen later in life. Blessings, Gina


    Gina, i love your poem, its message will still move many for it will stand the test of time! Its message is true am glad you shared it! I remember four months before i joined the military back in March 1977 and met and married my wife in June of that year. I wrote a similar poem, and soon i made a change in my life and received a blessing. I might put it on my site today. You will probably feel it just like i did with yours! Your poem is awesome my friend!


      Wendell, dear poet, how kind your words are! They mean so much. Thank you kindly for the support, and I would love to enjoy your poem of a similar time you went through. I like how you wrote here that you ‘made a change’ in your life and ‘received a blessing’. I know about that as well my friend. With gratitude, Gina


    I enjoyed your poem though it is sad. Hope there is no hardening of heart but the opening of it. As you say in your mottos ‘Love like you’ll never be hurt.’ Greetings and Blessings.


      Thank you so much for this comment! And luckily – no – I did not allow my heart to harden 🙂 but a terrible hurt had me worried that fear of pain would cause me to resist love in the future. My faith, and optimistic nature, got me through those tough times. Blessings, Gina


    Raw and honest… terrific poem.


    Very expressive. I know of that lonely search. Through your words I feel as if I traveled the same path.

    terriblethinker May 29, 2012 at 5:42 pm

    very beautiful poem. from the heart 🙂


    I find the depth of your thinking resonates in the recesses of my heart, Gina. I especially liked, “It’s said a broken heart holds more, New joy comes after grief;” because it’s reminiscent of the parable of the fig tree – – – how much fruit it bore after being pruned. Broken hearts and grief are our pruning process. They represent the depths that allow us to appreciate the mountain tops. Bless you for posting this. You hoped that “… when the time is right, I will turn over a new leaf.” You did, didn’t you? And if you had not given up that “hardening of [your] heart,” you never would have found the intended “Life-Partner” who fills your loving heart today. Ah, life is such a journey, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing! Love is all around… ;o)


      Jan as always your very wise and very loving comments, like this one, warm and delight my heart! Yes I cherish the fact that I did NOT allow my heart to harden, although it was very hurt. Ahh… happy endings, don’t you just love ’em? Love and Hugs, Gina


    beautiful feeling said so eloquently


    This poem hits very close to home for me right now, Gina. Thanks for sharing it.


    Beautiful! Your post reminded me that leaves, like our feelings, often go through many changes. They can turn to brilliant colors as temperatures change and passions flare. And if the feelings turn sad, like leaves, they eventually fade or fall away, giving to the tree and to ourselves the chance to survive the hard times, the space for new leaves or relationships, and the nourishment, growth, and understanding from what came before. I believe it is wise to trust the lessons that the trees and their leaves offer to us every day.



      Russ, you and your comments continue to amaze me! Especially believing that it is wise to ‘trust the lessons that the trees and their leaves offer to us every day’. One of my favorite poems that I wrote myself I’ve been planning to save until Autumn since it is about the changing of the leaves and the wisdom that trees are trying to teach us. But everything you’ve said in your comment here is parallel with what I was trying to express in that as-yet-unshared poem. Thank you for always provoking thought! ~your friend, Gina

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