Prayer for a New Start

We all must crawl before we walk. Though I stumble and fall, I get up again and continue.
I see all of my feelings as opportunities for learning. This is my prayer today…


Dear God,
Today, this day, I give to You.
Please make of my heart Your vessel and servant.
Do within me what You want to do.
I surrender to You all I am, all I think, all I feel, and all I have.
Cast out of my mind all thoughts that are not of You.
Cast out of me all harsh and critical nature.
May I no more be who I used to be.
For I would be made new.
I embrace the divine light within me.
I celebrate Your light that lights the whole world.
Thank you, Lord.


Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

14 thoughts on “Prayer for a New Start”

  1. What a beautiful prayer! I pray that God will answer your prayer in the affirmative – and help you cast out all that might seem harsh or critical while you ” embrace the divine light within…” With you, dear friend, I celebrate God’s light that lights the whole world. I celebrate your light, Gina, knowing it is the light of God shining through you. Keep on shining!

    1. Thank you so much dearest Jan, your kindness and wisdom as always warm my heart. I was having a rough day and feeling ‘off track’ until I remembered I am allowed to make mistakes, and the best way to heal through it is to turn it over to God. Blessings, Gina

  2. Gina, all of your words embraced me as they danced off the page into my spirit and my heart! They all are so very true and bring with them a love of He who is our one true love. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful prayer and message! May your life always be blessed with His love!

  3. I believe that nothing pleases God more than seeing the desire within our hearts to embrace the light within us and be made new (and whole again)! God bless you and keep you, Gina, today and always. Mark

  4. Dear Gina, I often feel stripped to the core when I read your hopes, prayers and your heart’s cry to God to do His will and to be His channel of love and blessings to the world. Thank you for beautiful things that grow from such a heart. I am blessed by this prayer and by your life. Hugs, Sharon

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