It’s not easy but it’s worth it




[Image source unknown. Please contact me if you know who made this poster and/or the originator of this saying, and I will include their details here.]

14 responses to It’s not easy but it’s worth it


    This is lovely, Gina! Funny enough, the first line about not living with regret, has been on my heart lately. A good reminder!


      Hi Lisa! I found this little treasure and wanted to share it since it really spoke to me, especially with the image… somehow 🙂


    A great reminder Gina! Something we can all benefit remembering every once and a while I think. 🙂


    I really enjoyed your poem you are indeed gifted. Pressed on my blog the Donkey Whisperer Farm 🙂


      Thank you for your comment but this is a piece of art I am sharing. I feel it completely but did not write it, and could not find the source of this poster. Sincere apologies.


    lovely sentiment…I have to apologize for not getting here more often, always glad when I do stop by to hear your lovely thoughts, have a great night ~R


      No need to ever apologize, you busy brilliant writer and mother! But I will say it is wonderful to see you back over here, checking out my humble blog. Hugs!


    I love that “poster” and thank you for sharing it, Gina. It has inspired me to share a poem I wrote a few years back shortly after I retired. Gonna go do that right now. Bless you! ;o) “Everything happens for a reason…” I believe it wholeheartedly!!


      Jan, this is exciting and wonderful. I am delighted this saying helped remind you of your poem! I can hardly wait to see it over on your blog. Blessings to you, Gina


    Even if those who don’t treat you right are blood family, it’s okay to let them go.


      Thank you for this Russel. Made me tear up a bit, because one who was so close, a big sister who was my everything, betrayed me beyond description (twice, more fool me) and I did have to let her go. Still hurts sometimes. I know there is healing potential there (ok, hoping) but she’ll never be allowed so close to my heart again. I love the family I have around me now. Thank you dear one. Hugs, Gina