Awards help teach “Do What You Love”

May 19, 2012 — 13 Comments

Beautiful Blogger Award

Thank you so much to Paul from Resting in Awareness for nominating this blog for the Beautiful Blogger Award. His blog “Resting in Awareness ~ Exploring our true nature and the end of seeking” is an inspiring place for learning about meditation, well-being, and living more fully ‘in awareness’.

The nominated recipients are asked to:

~Thank and Link-back to your nominator;

~Nominate 7, 6, or fewer (or more) other blogs that you enjoy to receive this award as well;

~Post a comment on each of your nominees blogs with a link to your page for the details;

~Paste the Award image somewhere on your blog, if so desired;

~And, continue blogging all your beautiful thoughts, suggestions, and musings. More readers are coming!


Note: I must add that this particular Award has quite the variations to the rules ~ and therefore, to me, it feels like a perfect example of “Do what you love”. Share as many or as few other blogs as you want. As I mentioned in my earlier post ‘Awards can help spread Love’ this is about sharing the love and generating community, not angst. I am honored to be included in this fun process of helping share the love around.


Please visit these nominees as I am sure you will enjoy:

My 7 Nominees ~

Oldsunbird ~ This lovely blog is written by an 84-years-young writer and poet who shares with such courage and honesty that I am frequently moved with emotion. She adores nature and her pets and shares her stories with wit and wisdom. I adore this dear wise woman and her wonderful blog!

Candid Concourse ~ Shantelle loves to pass along what she has learned through poetry, affirmations, and commentary. She shares inspiring thoughts on the Bible, the poetry of Rumi, Louise Hay, and much more.

CallowLea ~ Lovely poetry and inspiring commentary on this blog from CallowLea. “The journey of a late-bloomer…. Just before it got too late…”  It’s definitely not too late. The time is now for CallowLea ~ perfect timing!

How to get Happy ~ Mollie is an inspiring writer who has overcome depression and now teaches, among other things, that happiness is a choice. Her blog inspires me and offers great tips.

The Jolyn Project ~ Light-hearted blog dedicated to anyone who wishes to change the world for the better. Shares her ideas on how to be inspired, learn and love. I enjoy this blog immensely.

Arab Writer Chick ~ Lovely blog from a delightful Arab-Canadian offering “an intercultural perspective on life, art, and the creative process…” I find this blog to be wonderful.

Words and Herbs ~ Cathy’s delightful blog from Bavaria is for all who appreciate the beauty of words, flowers and homecooking. Delicious recipes, gorgeous photos, and wise insights shared with us all.

Thank you again to Resting in Awareness for this Award. And thank YOU dear reader, for visiting here, reading my musings, and being the reason why I write, every day. Namaste.

13 responses to Awards help teach “Do What You Love”


    That is really cool! Congratulations!!


    Thank you so much for considering my blog for nomination! Have a great weekend Gina!


      It is completely my pleasure Shantelle! Thanks so much for your nice comment, and warmest wishes for a great weekend for you as well!


    Congratulations dear 🙂


    Thank you so much for your kind words and nomination! 🙂


    Great Post~~~
    I am not currently accepting “awards” and I posted it on my “barely a month old” *Blog*~
    My reasoning ( and grant me the serenity to…) was my own BS about receiving praise and not feeling *worthy* or that I used to write for, acknowledgement and praise and Now I write because I am intoxicated with the Divine in “me” and “thee” which is me~ >> AS ME~ Feeling Blessed~! ThanQ~


      Satprem it is WONDERFUL to hear from you, and it means so much that you liked that special post. The subject of Awards is sensitive to me… am working on my ‘homework’ right now (by choice, with love) for the handful of awards I’ve been graciously included in and want to share about. Interestingly enough (Life is fascinating!) I was just over at YOUR blog reading your comment to the lovely Nezha at Arab Writer Chick about her nominating you for the Sunshine Award, but that you are still new to this blogging world. That is TOTALLY fine, at any time. Two of my favorite bloggers: FiveReflections and GYA Today both have a note on their blogs basically saying politely ~Thanks but no thanks~ which is what I have decided to do with my new baby, my new blog about Living Green. I am honored to have Awards on this poetic & inspirational blog, but I cannot do it on two sites (I can hardly keep up on one). Anyways, long reply! I would share all my awards with you dear writer, but might just include your link on one with the understanding that you don’t have to participate. But just like I added your Blog to my list of Links to visit in my sidebar, I want others to find your great wisdom and shining Light. Namaste. Gina

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