Walk the Talk


As much as I enjoy inspirational material, for me it’s always more nourishing and valid when the author shares their own journey and the inherent stumbles along our shared path of learning and living.

I recall a story by author Marianne Williamson when she was immersed in studying the word of God, trying to think as He thinks, trying to see as He sees, during a vacation with her occasionally trying mother. She’d had an argument with her mom earlier in the day but was putting it out of her mind to enjoy a gorgeous European landmark. She did an inward prayer asking God to help her see with His eyes. At that moment, as she was looking around, she caught sight of her mom in the distance and realized that in no way was God looking at her mom and saying, “That Sophie is such a bitch!”

I laughed out loud when I read that, and then cried, as I often do when something strikes me as perfectly profound. That she could relax her judgment of her mother by really understanding what it means to see with eyes of God, helped me relax around my own mother. To not be attached to what I felt were her small-minded ways of viewing the world. I made a decision to just be with her, to not try and change or enlighten her, and instead to see if and when I could make her laugh. To know she may not like to do what I like to do, but that I could play cribbage with her because I liked it enough and I knew that she loved it. My last years with my mother were thankfully filled with laughs due to my appreciation of her wit, and minimal arguments due to my insistence on viewing her as God would see her. It helped.

A story without personal experiences and too much of ‘do this; don’t do that’ while possibly still helpful, just doesn’t resonate as much as those writers who share of themselves. If an article feels like a textbook stating, This Is The Way It Is, it makes me want to ask the author: Why are you sharing this? What is your intention? Where is your experience? What is your story?

When a writer feels driven to help readers by offering insights, it’s a highly worthy goal. Let’s take it one step further. I encourage all of us so driven to inspire others to include our own viewpoints, perhaps along with those mentors we admire. Involve our own stories next to theirs. Put it into context. Then we, as the reader, can enjoy feeling the experience along with you and more fully allow the learning in.

Remember ~ in a world where you can be anything ~ be yourself.

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    Beautifully said. “Be yourself” also invites our curiosity about others – who are they, really, if we listen deeply enough and see them through the eyes of the Creator? Blessings to you. Mark


      Your comment means so much to me Mark, thank you kindly. And your point is so true, about ‘inviting our curiosity about others’. Now that’s beautifully put. I’ve been hoping my point came across with enough love, to warmly encourage writers to share their own stories along with advice. Thank you again for your kind comment. Blessings to you as well. Gina


    I intentionally put myself out there in my writing. Sometimes it is hard to hit the “publish” key but my heart desires to share my faults as a Christian and how God has brought me through those faults and my struggles. I worry about judgment from others or maybe some people distancing themselves from me because of my struggles. But, your post today reconfirmed my desire to write and to continue to overcome my fears to click on that publish tab! Thank you!
    My blog is at http://lifehurtsgodheals.wordpress.com


      I am delighted that my post offered you some inspiration, as that is my humble reason for writing. Thank you so much for your kind comment and keep writing from your heart!


    Gina, Thanks for following my blog. I’m so enjoying yours already! I love the WordPress community and, like you, I’m blown away by the creative and amazing people who share their lives in this format.



      Hello Cathy! I am glad we found each others’ blogs in this big wonderful community. I find so many sharing of their hearts on this journey of life and it lifts me up. Thank you for the wonderful comment and for following my blog. Hugs, Gina


    I actually teared up while reading this. You are so right. Genuineness and willingness to share personal experiences are so much more meaningful than just advice. I will probably reblog this tomorrow! Thank you for these wonderful insights! Hugs!!! D.


      Thanks so much, that means the world to me Donna. Well not trying to make you cry but I know exactly what you mean, it’s our heart-strings getting tugged that make our eyes wet. Thank you again for this sweet comment.


    Dear Gina, your post brought great introspection and reflection to me and gave me tools to better express myself in writing. I think we write what moves us the most and share lessons which we have often learnt through very hard times. It is sometimes through the most difficult moments and inner struggles that we gained some measure of understanding which we then wish to pass it on to the world with the hope that someone out there would receive the same solace and strength we did. I am still learning as a writer how to bring all these experiences, insights, joy, turmoil, the ups and downs in life in a way which best reflect the accuracy and authenticity of the moment. Thank you and it’s been so good connecting with you. Just a student of life, Sharon


      Sharon, your kind and wise comment here touches my heart deeply. Your words put it perfectly ~ so true that we are often moved the most by what we have learned through very hard times. I am so glad you found the post inspiring, as that was my loving intention and greatest wish. Always a joy connecting with you! Hugs, Gina


    I will carry your questions with me as I write each of my next posts, Gina. I will ask myself, “Why are you sharing this? What is your intention? Where is your experience? What is your story?” That is such helpful advice. And – just as you gave Jesus credit for His statement, “The truth shall set you free,” I wish I could credit the blogger who wrote something this week that resonated with me. You wrote, “Remember ~ in a world where you can be anything ~ be yourself.” He wrote something like, “Be yourself… the other roles already are taken.” I like that! God made me uniquely me. Why would I want to be anybody else? Now I have to go find that author’s name so I can give credit where credit is due! Oh, Gina, you give me such food for thought. Thank you!


      Jan you always light up my day! Thank you for this delightful comment, and for appreciating my questions… I endeavour to ask myself the same questions with each post. And it means a lot that you noticed my appreciation (reminder to all) of where that popular ‘saying’ came from. Jesus was and is such a wise teacher for us. Hugs and appreciation, Gina