They are my kids


I love this, and wanted to share it. This delightful prose on a lovely rustic sign is from a small business called Inspired 4 You Decor selling a variety of inspirational signs through their online site. Very sweet.
If interested, I recommend you check them out at:
To find this sign directly click here:

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    I love this! Thank you for sharing the prose and the link. I will go visit their store now!


      Thank you for the comment, and they are the nicest people. They emailed me back after I let them know about this post and were very happy and thankful. They really make & sell great stuff. Just happy to help spread the joy!

    Jackie Paulson 05/12/2012 at 10:01 pm

    I Loved the site to buy signs, thanks for sharing it.


      Thanks Jackie! I adore this sign, and many of their other signs. Including the link felt like the least I could do, in supporting kind and creative people with their small business.


    I never had children…. never wanted children. I was a huge juvenile delinquent, and I was pretty sure that some greater power might give me children even worse than I was.


      That is so funny you should say that (write? whatever) because I used to think along those lines… but for whatever reason (Ok tons of love and patience and learning poured into my parenting years) the two children that came through me (think Kahlil Gibran) have blessed my life and are kind, funny, and very polite young men. When I think of the arguments and head-butting I had with my mother, well all I can say is I hope it doesn’t just SKIP a generation or any grandkids might be outta control 😀


    You should be very careful promoting this business: The rating they received from the BBB says it best. Buyer beware!


      Hi – thanks for the info but I was promoting the concept in the SIGN not the business themselves. I found the sign online, loved it, put it in a post after writing for their permission. End of story. But thanks for the update.


        I agree that the signs are beautiful! Sad to say the people behind the signs are not quite as lovely.

        But thank you for posting my comment. 🙂