Mother’s Day gratitude

frog-pink-heart-flowerMy dear mother and mother-in-law have passed on, so there are no ‘Mothers’ to lavish gratitude on this weekend. I will do what I do every Mother’s Day: I thank God for my sons. Their existence turned me into a mother, and I give thanks every day that God have them come through me. You see, neither was planned but both are a treasure. If it was up to me I would have waited to be more mature, but the Great Mystery had different plans.

I delighted in both my pregnancies. I felt honored, like I was assisting God in a miracle, doing what I could to assist while He ‘knitted together’ a miraculous new life. I cherished my ‘temple’ with ease, carefully nourishing myself with quality food, quality walks, quality prayer and quality thoughts. If only I could always take care of myself as easily as I did when I was pregnant!

I had two blessed births and now have two terrific young men that honor me with the title of Mother. This is something I wrote when my sons were 8 and 3. I am a self-taught poet who allows the words out, and apparently, my inner words rhyme! I hope you enjoy and may you have a beautiful day.


For some unknown reason beyond what I can see,
Two incredible souls chose to be born through me;
A young impatient woman, with everything to learn,
Feeling like I make mistakes everywhere I turn;
Yet for whatever reason, it’s my life they have blessed
And I do all that I can to give them both my best.
It’s so important to me that each and every day,
I tell my boys I love them, and we laugh and hug and play;
I soothe fears, wipe tears and noses, and I animate bedtime stories,
And I teach by example the importance of saying ‘Please’.
Sometimes on visiting weekends, when the house feels so empty,
Just how much they fill my life becomes crystal clear to me;
They turn this house into a home, and fill our home with noise,
And I’m called to come and see adventures with their toys.
I do my best to keep in mind my goal as their childhood ends,
Is that both my sons will regard myself and each other as friends.
I am so proud to be their mother! It’s like a prize that I have won.
Everyday I am so grateful for my two delightful sons!

[Poem © Professions for Peace; image not mine, source unknown]

Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day gratitude”

  1. Oh sweet Gina. What love pours out of you. I am so moved by your regard n delight in your boys. N how you so embraced motherhood though both were surprises. What an inspiration you are. Thank u for sharing the poetry of ur heart.

    1. Thank you dear Lisa, this comment is so kind! I am delighted that you looked back a ways and found my poem on my Mother’s Day post. Yes my two sons are my two gifts. Thanks again for this lovely comment. Love and Light, Gina

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