Awards can help spread Love

May 11, 2012 — 38 Comments

The nominating and sharing of awards is just another way that blogging helps link us together, creating community. It’s about letting others know about the interesting blogs we’ve found along the way. Recognition and a new banner for your sidebar if the nominee is so inclined, and if not, that is perfectly alright too. Do what you love. I have delighted in compiling this list to share, but understandably we are all very different in spite of our shared interests. You may not delight in such endeavours. If that is the case please accept the compliment of being nominated, and no more need be done. This is to generate community, not angst.

I am thrilled to offer my warm gratitude to Rev. Dani Lynn at Spiritual Mysticism for her nomination of this blog to have the Very Inspiring Blogger award. Considering the fact that this community of WordPress comprises hundreds of thousands of blogs and is populated with incredibly inspiring and talented writers, I am humbled she selected me to be in her list of 15. Her writings continue to lift me up, promote thought and soul searching, and have me returning to her blog repeatedly for inspiration. Thank you so much Rev Dani Lynn. You are a shining star in the world. Namaste.
Also I would like to add, thank you dear readers who visit this blog and help fuel my inspiration to keep writing and sharing my musings on life, love and peace.

Here are the steps for accepting this Award:
Display the award logo somewhere on your blog.
Link back to the blog of the person who nominated you.
Share seven things about yourself that people may not already know.
Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award and provide links to their blogs.
Notify those bloggers that they have been nominated and of the award’s requirements.

Here are seven things about me you might have not known….
~I live in the city but dream of raising chickens for eggs and goats for milk.
~I enjoy birding and can tell you the name of practically any bird in my region by sight or sound.
~I am often goofiest very early in the morning, or when a bit stressed.
~I have memorized nearly 40 poems of an uplifting spiritual nature – most of which were written around the turn of the last century. This hobby sometimes makes me think I am meant to help bring public poetry recitals back into popularity. Still working on that.
~I have dozens of houseplants that cheer gardener-me and allow me to putter in the soil through our very long winter in this northern clime.
~My beloved husband and I, reunited nearly 30 years after having been best friends as kids, planted a peony (a hardy perennial, often living centuries) as part of our wedding ceremony.
~The existence of homelessness makes me cry.

Here are the 15 Bloggers I have nominated due to their ability to inspire!
Just so you know, I would have included Religion4All, Goss Coaching and The Truth Warrior except they are also on Rev Dani Lynn’s list of nominees along with me, and I don’t want to be from the Department of Redundancy Department! And I would have nominated the brilliant Haiku poet at FiveReflections but he does not accept awards (fair enough), and I would have nominated A Leaf In Springtime, Gems of Delight, and Resting in Awareness, but they already received this same award very recently and I want to spread it around a bit. I have put a lot into this and have joyfully selected my list of 15 (well plus the ‘cheats’ in this intro, rule-stretcher that I am). Love and Light to you all, and thank you for inspiring me.
15 nominees in random order:
My Magnificent Mess
75 Kaleidoscopes
Dream Pray Act
Kev’s Fat Fight
Jan Beek
Come Meditate
Blogging on the Bright Side
Change in Directions
GYA Today
A Light Filled Life
Silver Poetry
Living in the Now
Daring to Live in Love!

BONUS!! INTRODUCTIONS: And here, just because this is what I’m like, is my own blurb on why I picked each one. Not required, and purely my idea. Again, this is just what I do and who I am.
My Magnificent Mess – This inspiring writer is passionate, inspiring, opinionated, and funny! She’s a busy woman with teen kids, lots of pets and a man she adores. What’s not to love about this blog?
75 Kaleidoscopes – I recommend checking out the ‘About ~R of 75 Kaleidoscopes’ where this talented poet explains that writing out the dark helps keep her in the light. I find this blog very inspiring.
Dream Pray Act – I find this blog to be awe-inspiring. This writer-poet minister and his photographer wife are beautifully sharing their wisdom and gifts with us all through their blog in an accepting, loving, and truly inspiring manner.
Kev’s Fat Fight – He’s sharing his weight-loss adventures and I admire that immensely. His courage, determination, and honesty inspire me as I work towards releasing the excess weight I accumulated after a tragedy three years ago.
Jan Beek – Honest and funny. Delightfully insightful and spiritual. I find this sweet writer to be always inspiring, and I enjoy returning often to view her wise musings.
Come Meditate in Connecticut – Since I live about 2500 miles from Connecticut, I am delighted this inspiring blog shares its wisdom and inspiration and education about Meditation online.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot4 – Photographs, Photographs, Photographs! This incredibly talented photographer and lover of horses keeps capturing images that take my breath away! Inspiring.
The Bright Side – These 2 writers at Blogging on the Bright Side keep adding amazing gems to their blog! Inspirational quotes, commentary, and wonderful images has me following them to see what wonders they’ll share next.
Change in Directions – This delightful writer shares her faith and insights with poetry, commentary, photography and humor. Always inspiring.
GYA Today – This is a wonderfully inspiring blog. I am including it on this list with the complete understanding that the blogger intends no offense (none taken) but instead of accepting Awards, he engages in an IAOK ‘Intentional Act Of Kindness’. So no need to do anything Paul, I just wanted you on this list for others to visit your blog.
A Light Filled Life – This sweet blog is filled with inspirations from the Bible, from her wise observations of life and love, and is somewhere I follow and visit frequently to feel inspired.
Silver Poetry – This amazing blog is filled with gorgeous artwork and incredibly visual poetry from a kind and inspiring soul who also helps children in her ‘other’ life at I AM For Children. She inspires me so much.
FOREVER POETIC – This talented and prolific poet shares his creative writings about life, love and God with beauty, honesty, and eloquence. I am delighted to follow his blog and he always inspires me.
Living in the Now – I just discovered this blog and I am so happy I did! Spiritual, wise, warm, honest, loving, and definitely inspiring. I am delighted to follow Jason and his beautiful musings on family, spirit, and life.
Daring to Live in Love! – The wonderful people at The Alternate Economy were kind enough to be the first to ‘follow’ me on the very day I created this blog. They are a huge blog with many followers and awards for good reason. They are inspiring! Bless their wise and kind and loving hearts.

38 responses to Awards can help spread Love


    Gina, I am honored for you nominating me for this award! I only write to lift up the best attribute that i find in God…his love and i live to share that joy with as many of my brothers and sisters as possible. The Lord has always been so inspiring to me, so if i can be like him in that way…then it makes my life very beautiful! So yes i will accept and thank you again for you have been so consistent visiting my site, and you life me up and inspire me with your words of love and joy!


    I also want to congratulate all of the nominees and especially Five Reflections whose love always provides a certain piece of serenity into our worlds everyday!


      I agree with you completely Wendell, that Five Reflections always provides serenity into our worlds. Mind you, while he doesn’t accept Awards per se I am sure he doesn’t mind me including the link to that wonderful blog in my intro.


    Thank you so much for the nomination, this is a real honor for me!


    Thank you so much for the nomination/recognition/kind comments. I would love to accept the award and post it on my blog site. How do I do that? I am so new to this… and still very much a work in progress… trying to learn how to develop my site. Bless You! Have a blessed Mother’s Day weekend!


      Hello Jan, I completely understand what you mean about learning about this place. I am happy to help if I can! By clicking on this link it should open my post about the award with a list of steps to take: I was offered this nomination about a week ago, and it took me several hours to think about how and who… all that stuff. It’s a little bit of ‘homework’ (I made my husband laugh about that). If you have a Word document open (or a pen and paper) copy or jot down the URL of the sites you like. That means (if you don’t know already) the whole type thing (like how I shared your link?). Once you have your list, (and remember – only as long as it is fun. If your list is smaller or whatever, so-be-it) then while you are composing your New Post you will highlight the name of whomever you want to add a link to, then click the little icon just above the text area that looks like a chain-link, and it opens a new dialog box where you type in the URL address (has to start with http://). I hope this helps. And if you know all this already please forgive me. Once we learn these things it becomes simple, but as we are learning it can seem overwhelming. Just an FYI blurb hoping to help. Cheers! Gina


      It takes me awhile to figure these things out, too! Hugs!


    Thank you so much for this nomination. I will be sure to check out my fellow nominees’ sites also – since I trust your judgement! Have a great evening! Hugs D.


    Oh and before I forget i have a cache page for awards on my site so you can always visit there and click on an image to save and then post or send to nominate a fellow blogger.


    Thank you so much for the kind words. It means so very much to me that you listed me among these insanely talented peoples. I’m truly honoured and thankful. I will try to select some new ones too. ~R


      It is indeed my pleasure to include you, and you most certainly deserve to be ranked ‘among these insanely talented peoples’. Regards, Gina


    Thank you so much. 🙂


    Thank You for nominating me for this award. I am new at this also. It may take me a while but I’ll get it figured out. God Bless!

    Jackie Paulson May 12, 2012 at 9:59 pm

    I wish I could get my award up – just keep running out of time. I am glad others share awards so that it is easier to get to know people and their loves in life. Congrats.


      Thank you Jackie, for your kind comment. I do like the way awards help us find more like-minded people through their blogs out in this great big community. Cheers!


    Thank you so much for the nomination! I’m honoured and humbled to be listed as an inspiration!


      It is completely my pleasure Kevin. I keep reading your adventures and trying to muster my inner drive to begin running again. So please keep posting! I am watching and am holding onto your ‘coat-tails’ getting psyched to return to running, like I used to a long time ago. I know I can!


    Very nice post! Thank you for the like on my blog!


    I LOVE the photo of the the trees standing tall on the plush soft thick green garpet in the woods at the top of this section!


      Oh I agree, I love these photos – but they are set to ‘random’ and move around my blog. Different pics at different times on different pages/posts. Just jazzin’ it up 🙂


    You have a heart for community! Thanks.


    What a great observation that they’re about sharing love! Hooray for that! I look forward to checking out your list!!


    You have great post.l like it a lot .I believe we have to work for peace and fight human trafficking. Best regards.Jalal .Michael

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