Returning to Peace

Between projects today I keep returning to my computer to continue my contemplations of forgiveness. I remember an American Experience episode on PBS a little while back that was about the Amish. This tight-knit community taught us all so much about forgiveness after the horrors of October 2, 2006 when many of their children were shot and killed by an outsider who then shot himself.

These devout people displayed incredible forgiveness. Through my tears I watched and learned about how they felt devastatingly hurt, of course, but they did not collapse into hatred. About the grieving grandfather telling others ‘we must not think evil of this man’. About how they forgave the killer and offered support to his family. About one Amish man sharing his tremendous relief at not having to sit in judgment of the murderer, because, he said, that wasn’t his responsibility, that’s God’s job.

Processing this incredible example of faith helps me to choose lightness in my heart. I willingly and completely turn my hurts over to a much Higher Power. I am free. I do not have to judge anyone who I feel has wronged or betrayed me. That is up to God. I choose to be filled with light and love. I honestly feel lighter.

Wishing you all a light and peace-filled day.


Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

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    1. Thank you Donna! I am so grateful to have you following my blog. And I was just researching how to ‘Press This’ or link or whatever to your HAPPY STAR WARS day. ‘May The Fourth Be With You’. I love it, and so would my husband and sons. I look forward to following your blog as well. Cheers, Gina

      1. Awesome! And I just looked at your profile comic voice actor undiscovered – me too! I can do Marvin the Martian almost perfectly….. I don’t have any original voices though (those stay inside my head and when they get loud I poke them with a q-tip) LOL :Have a great day!

        1. You make me laugh out loud! I can do a perfect Barney from Simpsons -NOT the burp- but when he got thrown out of the bar head-first into a trashcan and in his pure optimism exclaimed, “Hey! I found a PEANUT!” I roared with laughter, and I can somehow do that voice, so I say that line once in a while. I am a joyful goof, a happy nut. Life’s too short to not have fun, laugh, and be filled with joy and love. YOU have a great day too! Cheers.

          1. will do. I am actually really excited for the weekend. I may be purchasing a really nice camera for myself. I need an excuse to get out and be more active and going out for walks with my husband would be ideal if I have a nice camera to capture the moments with. Keep your fingers crossed I can talk my husband into opening his wallet!

    1. Wendell, I am honoured a poet and dear soul such as yourself is following my humble writings. Bless your heart. And your post today of “My Eternal Valentine” is spectacular. Gives wings to my heart. Thank you so much, for sharing, and for following.

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