Shining From The Inside Out

Today the weather is cool and grey. Spring is pressing a heavy white sky down with imminent rain that just keeps waiting. I wish it would fall. My mood always perks up when the spring showers start. Maybe I’m like a plant that way. When the rain starts I shall take my dog for a walk. Let us both feel the rain in our hair.

Today my heart is brimming with hope. The weather outside is cool and grey and I am filled with ideas. And hope. This is a great day to work from home with design and writing, and to take a wee sidetrack seeking out other positive thinkers. I am finding them everywhere I look! Wonderfully amazing websites and blogs filled with inspirational ideas and beautiful images. I want to fill my site with links to these wonderful people sharing their hearts and their souls. This is a great year. I can feel it. Things are improving everywhere I look.

I know I am an optimist. I do see the glass half full. I know the sun is always shining, even when I cannot see it behind the clouds.

I choose to live this way because without hope, without looking for the bright and the good, well I’d hardly be able to get out of bed. And while I still have tough times, my morning gratitude ritual has helped immensely. Even if I can hardly say more, I can always say: Thank you God, for this day. As Dr. Wayne Dyer writes of, I do not want to merely cope. I want to thrive. I choose to shine!


Life is a wondrous miraculous gift,

Remembering this gives my spirits a lift;

Raising me out of my worldly mind,

Helping me feel peaceful and kind;

I let go of what is cruel and untrue,

So my inner beauty may now shine through;

Claiming my birthright to be truly free,

Ignites within me a divine energy;

I now receive all the gifts that are mine,

The reason I’m here is to let myself shine!

As I let my love for life be unfurled,

I’m taking action towards healing the world.

Gina and Professions for PEACE © 2000-2012

Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.