Just A Smile

Simple kindness is something I genuinely enjoy offering to others, and welcome it warmly. It is more magical and healing than we often admit. Even just a smile or kind word cause ripples out into the world, helping more than we know.

I will always remember a moment that happened one morning about 12 years ago as I faced another day at a horrible job. I trudged along, head down, my smile gone. As a financially strapped single mom, all I could do was pray every morning for the strength to endure and send out resumes every evening, like messages in a bottle thrown into the sea.

Nature is always my solace, so in the concrete jungle I look for trees and birds as I walk. The sidewalk was sloping down as it headed under the railway and I looked up to see if pigeons might be roosting and quietly cooing to each other in the rafters. As I wearily raised my head I saw a woman looking at me with a smile of pure sweetness. Bright teeth flashing at me in that dark depressing morning. Instinctively a smile slowly grew on my face to return the favor but she was already gone. Passed swiftly by me, leaving a lingering moment of kindness like a ray of sunshine piercing the gray. I felt touched, noticed by another person amongst all the pedestrian traffic, trudging along. She was like an angel, to know how much I needed that smile, but didn’t even know it myself. My spirits immediately lifted and I remembered the Truth: this hardship was temporary and I would get a better job.

The generous kindness of a stranger, giving me one of her smiles when mine were all gone, changed my world that day and will be remembered forever.

Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

14 thoughts on “Just A Smile”

    1. Wow, that is wonderful! I am honored. Thank you for letting me know so I can have an inner cheer that someone noticed my wee tale of how even the seemingly smallest kindnesses can make a huge impact. I look forward to visiting I AM For Kids. Thank you so kindly. Gina

  1. Gina, you have uncovered one of the great phenomena of life! A smile is contagious so let’s start an epidemic! 🙂 I like the inspiration you have here. Thanks for stopping by my page so that I could find you!

    1. Thank you Genie! I am so glad you like this post. And now I’m going to check out WordPress Support and learn about doing pingbacks as well. And to build a Blogroll… It’s fun sharing the joy, isn’t it? Thanks again. Cheers, Gina

      1. I love, love, love sharing the joy. I just noticed blogrolls the other day. I need to figure that out too.
        It is fun! Joy is contagious. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for sharing your written smiles with the world and me, Gina. I’ll bet the world appreciates it and I KNOW that I do!


    1. Hello Anne! How wonderful that you ‘went back in time’ and found this older post of mine. This was just as I had discovered blogging and was happy to share this story of a smile I will always remember, and how much it taught me. Thank you so much!!

  3. Sometimes a smile is all it takes…. Wonderful, loving story. It actually made me, well, smile. lol

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