The Difference… about Prayer


I got up early one morning,

And rushed right into the day;

I had so much to accomplish,

That I didn’t have time to pray.

Troubles just tumbled about me,

And heavier came each task;

“Why doesn’t God help me?” I wondered.

He answered, “You didn’t ask.”

I wanted to come into God’s presence,

I tried all my keys in the lock;

God gently and lovingly chided,

“My child, you didn’t knock.”

I wanted to see joy and beauty,

But the day toiled on gray and bleak;

I wondered why God didn’t show me.

He said, “You did not seek.”

I woke up early this morning,

And paused before entering the day;

I had so much to accomplish

That I had to take time to pray.

Author unknown

This very popular yet uncredited old poem is a favorite reminder of mine. May it inspire and bring you joy. 

19 thoughts on “The Difference… about Prayer

  1. I have loved this poem for longer than I can remember. When I was an elementary school principal, I had a copy of this poem in the top of my desk drawer. Whenever I’d open the drawer – sometimes just to get a paper or pencil – there’d be that reminder. With God as my partner, if I had a difficult situation to face, problems always resolved more smoothly. In our move to Montana, that poem was one of the things that got lost. Now, I’ve copied it again – and posted it right above my desk. Thank you, Gina. I wish there was a way to uncover the poet!

    • I know what you mean Jan! Such a comforting and wise poem, yet uncredited for so long. I love your story of enjoying it when you were a principal. Oh those lucky students to have had you as a teacher and principal. Now I am one of the lucky ones who gets to enjoy your friendship and kindness right here! Bless your heart! I am so glad you enjoyed this old poem :)

  2. This reminds me of the fishermen that was lost out to sea in a sinking boat. First came a seagull and offered to help,and the man refused said he was waiting for God. Along came a turtle again the man refused his help and continued to wait for God. Then came a row boat and the rider offered to help the man, and again he refused. Finally the man drowned and when he got to heaven he asked God why He didn’t save him. God told the man He sent him a seagull, a turtle and a boat and the man refused all the help He sent. I love when the answers are so simple to answer. Very nice poem you wrote.

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  4. My favorite poem. It just says it all about how I begin my day and then live my day. I love to share it with others by giving bookmarks. Please tell me where I can buy more. My local store doesn’t seem to carry them anymore and ordering online would be much easier. Thanks for your help.

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